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Although I love B2B copywriting, it wasn't my first career choice.‚Äč

After graduating from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Communication Studies, I spent more than a decade in Finance (specializing in Securities Compliance and Operations) for firms like Bankers Trust, Morgan Stanley, and INVEST Financial Corporation.

I wrote countless business letters, company newsletters, and procedural manuals before deciding to use my business experience to launch my own copywriting enterprise.

My writing portfolio is diverse by choice. Although I specialize in Finance and Technology for the B2B market, I also write B2C SEO product pages and edit all types of text, from business letters to novels.

One day, I'm writing promo copy for Dancing With the Stars, and the next I'm editing market analysis for Maxfunds.com.

On any given day, I could be writing B2B SEO product pages for anything from office furniture to luxury kitchen design, composing case studies on paperless payroll, or editing financial newsletters. I'm usually also busy writing white papers or web pages for a variety of tech products and services, including subscription-based cloud software (SaaS).

I've found I do my best work by NOT selecting a niche market.

Companies can grow so accustomed to using the same corporate buzzwords. It's often refreshing for their site visitors to read new copy that speaks in their parlance, not business/sales speak. The key to becoming a thought leader is communicating in your industry's language, but in a compelling way that makes people want to hear what you have to say.